Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sea Birds. Todd Preston.

Sea Birds

That cottage on the marsh
Had a porch built for drinking
And watching the birds:

The Rug Stitcher's turquoise piping
And black mats of kelp

Dennis's Plover that seemed to scold
Each minnow before dashing
Their brains on the barnicled rocks

And the Gilgamesh Wren, with such
weird effigies of vomited mud

The Colander Bird, tailfeathers straining
Those marine tidbits

Shrill chirping chorus
Of Teedlepeets in red swarms each evening
To decimate the Piano Fly hatch
and signaled to me
it was time cut limes

these birds were my only timepiece
that horrible summer
with the phones corroded bell
clicking wetly

the sun mindlessly bleaching
the cottage to the color of bone

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