Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short Preston's.

Waiting for the Light at 16th & Bryant (and why I hate iPods)

Dumpsters bash
And goddammerung
In their forks and
The cello thrum
Of the semi's brakes
As the gulls
Cry on high
And 4 different
Tongues twist
Into one

Is tapping
It's toe

Farmers Market

Finally the melons
Perfume the cracked avenues
Winning over urine
And automobile fumes

Selecting the best
Persian cucumber takes time

The small eggplants show brightly
That mutants are welcome

And the Cambodian lady
Beams at her score of okra

I have yet to find
A decent carrot
But I know I will

The long beans are wilted
But the tomatoes shine firm
And the piles of grapes
Make my feet ache for stain

I love their  cracked fingers
As they give you 65 cents back

And I love that sometimes
Is important
Locke Pweem.

they don't teach poetry
because they can't
its like maple syrup
you got it
or you are milking an oak
I could make this shorter
but it is fun
to dance like a midget
with firecrackers
on an elephants head
with an eel in one hand
and a rocket
for your anus 

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