Monday, April 26, 2010

A More Thorough Bern Nix Discography.

Bern Nix is performing tomorrow at the Outpost, my erstwhile roost and I had a long chat with him by phone earlier in the week. Good lord has his life been a handful. Heart surgery, ongoing poverty, no cell phone, computer or honest residuals from the few labels that have actually released work under his leadership,just a crappy wikipedia stub and a myspace page, endless shuck and jive.

But as this summary indicates, he has had quite a significant run as a participant in the idiom. This compiling is just a start and it really didn't take very long.

Ornette Coleman: Dancing In Your Head 1977 Horizon Records & Tapes.
Julius Hemphill: Wildflowers 4: The New York Loft Sessions , Pensive Douglas 1977
Ornette Coleman: Body Meta , Artists House 1978
Jayne Cortez & The Firespitters: Unsubmissive Blues. Bola Press 10/1 1979
Ronald Shannon Jackson: Eye On You ,About Time Records1980
James Chance and the Contortions: Live In New York Danceteria 1980-1981.
Kip Hanrahan:Coup De Tete American Clavé 1981
Jayne Cortez and The Firespitters: There It Is. Bola Press. 7/22/1982.
Jayne Cortez: Life Is A Killer I See Chano Pozo Giorno Poetry Systems 1982

Ornette Coleman:Of Human Feelings Antilles 1982

Jemeel Moondoc: Nostalgia In Times Square Soul Note 1986.
Ornette Coleman: In All Languages. Caravan of Dreams. 1987.
Ornette Coleman: Virgin Beauty: 1988.
Ornette Coleman: Jazzbühne Berlin '88 Vol. 5 Repertoire Records. 1990.

Jayne Cortez-Everywhere Drums Bola Press 9001 USA CD NYC, Sound Ideas Studios 6/21/90 Sovietskoe Foto: Sex, SPV Recordings 1992
Bern Nix Trio: Alarms and Excursions: New World Recordings 1993.
Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters-Cheerful & Optimistic Bola Press 9401 USA CD NYC, Polarity 2/22/94 3/14/94
Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters-Taking the Blues Back Home Harmolodic 314 531 918 USA CD Harlem, NY, Harmolodic Studios 1996
Jemeel Moondoc & Jus Grew Orchestra: Spirit House, Eremite Records 2000.
Jayne Cortez-Borders of Disorderly Time Bola Press 2003 USA CD NYC, Harmolodic Studios 5/26/2002 7/29/2002 8/23/2002
Frank Lowe Quartet Lowe-down & Blue
CIMP 275 USA CD Rossie, NY, The Spirit Room 9/16/2002
Jemeel Moondoc & Jus Grew Orchestra: Live at the Vision Festival. Ayler Records. 2003

Bern Nix: Imaginational Anthem Low Barometer 2005. Tompkins Square Records.

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