Saturday, July 12, 2014

Once we had Liberace or the Jarrett problem.

Mr Jarrett stomping off from another concert.

"Liberace was old world, and so had to be able to play, or he'd be digging potatoes.He also had a very hip sense of design and style.  

Does Vijay Ayer have as many rings, robes or mirrors? I never spent all that much time listening to Jarrett...wasn't he on Windham Hill?"

The gracious, genial and Great Liberace showing how it's done. 

Everyone’s favorite grotesquely overpaid minimalist Liberace had another tantrum.

This time it was in France at La Salle Pleyel, a place that has seen better and surely will again.

Keith Jarrett has much more in common with this humble son of the midwest than he does with anyone in the idiom he presumes to belong to. And it is high time this perfectly understandable musicological mistake finds rectification that surely includes a proper Liberace Restoration.

Liberace wouldn't dream of treating his remarkably similar audiences in this manner.

While his modern hypochondriac shadow is practically at the point of making his audiences prostrate themselves with chunks of jade in their mouth to ward off their contagions, our man Liberace was avidly embracing his excited throngs in what might be considered an early antecedent to the mosh pit.

And Liberace’s repertoire is so stunningly similar to that of this feeble Jarrett fellow that the two are practically interchangeable save for Liberace’s monumentally superior degree of heart, virtuosity and animation.

Will that Jarrett wretch ever deign to glide onto the stage on a wire like Peter Pan… 

Hah! Dream on!

Jarrett is mainly emblematic of an anemic outlook bolstered by mega doses of vapid self importance and enough fluffy heady pomp to float another Hindenberg.

Liberace was a man of quality and wouldn't let himself be boosted by a bunch of recording industry minions… they followed him. He was an innovator at levels Jarrett can only dream of. And he didn't antagonize his audience and detractors, he coddled the former and sued the eyeballs off of the latter if they crossed him. 

This Jarrett wretch merely walks an easy path made by a giant.

Who knew that it was possible to steal Liberace's entire concept and repertoire and rebrand it with heavily slathered self importance and no cool costumes?

Wladziu... we hardly knew ye.

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